Sustainability Review and Development tools - Group of Activity

This GoA includes the sustainability tools and services developed in this project. The two services will be combined into a full-scale pilot where the company assesses its digital and eco-maturity (digital and eco-audits) and based on the results of the assessment and the direction of the recommendations, the user is redirected to the service Design for sustainability, where more practical tools are available for further sustainability design (company, product, service or operations) enhancement. The audit is the basis of evaluating suitable sustainability services for the company.


Design for sustainable business -tool consists of a method for designing more sustainable business models, products, and services, and designing more sustainable operations in accordance with the sustainable business model and sustainable products and services. The tool is a self-reflection tool for the use of entrepreneurs, management teams, or product leaders. The tool has modules which means a user or a group of users can choose to focus on some activities of a business model, such as products or services, or an activity system or managing operations. The tool provides instant feedback and recommendations.


The aim of the Design for Sustainability tool is to support micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Estonia in improving competitive positioning and transforming their business in line with economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Design for Sustainability tool offers an instrument for reflection, creativity, management, and communication. It contains modules that serve different needs and goals, also for expert-intensive micro enterprises.


The piloting is a design-science-based research- and development process for fine-tuning the tools and services to meet the needs and goals of users in terms of contents, methods, the user-interface and its game-like elements and the materials sources provided. The users feedback, experiences and further ideas are collected. Similarly, data about the experienced challenges and opportunities of developing sustainable business models, products and services are collected.

EDC tool is designed to easily and understandably assess a company's internal activities focused on sustainability, eco-efficiency and digitalisation. The purpose of this tool is to enable a company to assess its current practices and provide recommendations for further improvement in the areas of sustainability and digitisation.


EDC piloting is essential for ensuring accuracy, customization, and the overall feasibility of this tool. In order to create a convenient and supportive self-service for companies, fine-tuning and company engagement is important. In addition, EDC brings a fresh view on how digital and green transformation in companies can go hand in hand. Therefore, the piloting of this tool will gather different insights from companies to further explore the synergies between two highly relevant topics.