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BSR Innovation Dialogues: Network and Connect

Networking Services are designed around a methodological approach that includes guidelines for community-building and business-focused events, a three-step event organization methodology, and mentored post-event follow-up. This strategy ensures participants not only engage in meaningful networking, but also leave with tangible outcomes, reinforcing networking as a purposeful, well-planned activity with continuity beyond the event itself.

What is the general idea of the pilot?

This pilot will test guidelines for conducting four types of online networking events. The methodology of events organization stands out for its efficiency and systematic approach, making it easier for organizations to organize such events.
In spring – fall 2024 those interested in networking are invited to participate in piloting events. Representatives from three countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Norway will participate, but everyone from Baltic Sea region is invited. The networking events will cover a range of interactions: large companies connecting with startups, enterprises engaging with university researchers, inter-company networking, and more casual interactions among entrepreneurs, researchers, business support organization representatives, and aspiring entrepreneurs. These events are designed to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas across different sectors and levels of experience.
The participants’ feedback collected after each of the event will enable improve and fine-tuneof the guidelines for further exploitation.

Why are we piloting it?

The primary idea of the pilot is to test the relevance of the service, the engagement of participants, and the technical aspects of the virtual environment. Additional value of the pilot will be attracting potential long-term users of the platform, building the community, dissemination of the other services available on the hub.

Why is your organisation invited to join?

 Your participation will benefit you by gaining new contacts, solutions to challenges, promoting your business, and forming new partnerships.
Joining the pilot program is a chance to be part of a supportive network and gain valuable insights and connections.

What do you get?

• Potential new partnerships.
• Access to international markets.
• Contact with various market players: SMEs, business support organizations, researchers, corporates.
• Access to innovative networking methods: a platform to learn and share.

Irma Bagdonienė

Irma Bagdonienė

Project Expert
Ramunė Guogienė

Ramunė Guogienė

Project expert