Distance LAB has developed several different services which are offered to be tested by your organization.

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  • Cyber Security

    This service aims to develop tools that enhance stakeholders’ resilience and adaptability by improving their skills in remote activities. With the increasing digitalization and remote work, the risks of data leaks and cyber-attacks are heightened.

  • Design for Sustainable Business Models

    This service consists of methods for designing more sustainable business models, products, and services, and designing more sustainable operations in accordance with the sustainable business model and sustainable products and services.

  • Distance Soft Interaction Skills (DIS)

    DIS (Distance soft interaction skills) tool is a self-evaluation tool for evaluating remote soft interaction skills as an individual and an organization. DIS-tool is based on theoretical and practical perspectives on valued soft skills that are evaluated in remote business and professional interaction contexts.

  • Eco-Digital-Check (EDC)

    EDC tool is designed to easily and understandably assess a company’s internal activities focused on sustainability, eco-efficiency and digitalisation. The purpose of this tool is to enable a company to assess its current practices and provide recommendations for further improvement in the areas of sustainability and digitisation.

  • Enhancing Business Internationalization

    The overarching concept of this pilot program is to make internationalization services more accessible and tailored to a wider spectrum of enterprises. It revolves around the deployment of a specialized tool designed to offer precise recommendations based on individual company needs.

  • Local Living Labs of Innovation

    Living lab is a physical or virtual space in which to solve societal challenges, especially in urban areas, by bringing together various stakeholders for collaboration and collective ideation. Living Lab is the most prominent concurrent method for stakeholder engagement in innovation ecosystems, typically used for quadruple helix settings.

  • Networking Services

    This pilot will test guidelines for conducting four types of online networking events. The methodology of events organization stands out for its efficiency and systematic approach, making it easier for organizations to organize such events.

  • Open Innovation through Business Lab

    Business Lab is a process wherein you have the opportunity to collaboratively develop ideas with other organizations from various industries. The process is founded upon the principles of open innovation. Participants are subdivided into smaller groups that convene on a regular basis. During each meeting, our efforts will be grounded in the circumstances of one of the involved companies.

  • Recruitment and Employee Satisfaction

    Remote recruitment & well-being Strategy Canvas supports companies in considering and adapting their open positions in a way that is suitable for remote work. This also includes Your Day at Distance app which can be used to monitor the wellbeing of the remote workers in real time by answering simple questions each day.

  • Remote learning opportunities and skills fulfilment

    The pilot serves as a guide for high-quality online learning opportunities in the most popular segments of remote work and digital tools. Additionally, the pilot offers the opportunity to explore tools and services provided by Microsoft, such as MS Copilot, Microsoft Azure, and programs for startups like the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.