Remote Business Strategies and Models - Group of Activity

This GoA includes the development of tools regarding companies’ remote business strategies and models, described below. A fullscale pilot will be prepared for testing the service “Enhancing business internationalization” and “Recruitment and employee satisfaction”. All services will be tested small-scale.


The overarching concept of this pilot program is to make internationalization services more accessible and tailored to a wider spectrum of enterprises. It revolves around the deployment of a specialized tool designed to offer precise recommendations based on individual company needs. These recommendations will guide businesses through the critical steps of internationalization. By addressing common challenges faced by companies seeking to harness the full potential of internationalization services, this pilot aims to streamline the process and maximize its value.


The pilot is initiated with the aim of achieving several key objectives. Firstly, it seeks to assess the efficacy and relevance of the specialized tool in real-world scenarios, ensuring it provides practical value to businesses. Secondly, it endeavors to gather insights into the most prevalent challenges companies encounter when engaging with internationalization services, allowing us to tailor recommendations accordingly. Lastly, it serves as a testing ground to evaluate the suitability of internationalization service providers in partner regions for addressing specific business needs. Through this pilot, we aim to refine our support mechanisms and offer a more effective pathway to international expansion.

The idea is to offer a compact learning materials for interested companies to improve their skills in building and sustaining relations with customers in remote work.


Workshop materials and plan for customer relationship building (theory, case study, quizzes, videos) finally tested by the target groups: four parts of the course divided into theoretical part, description of identified good practices, quizzes questions and videos regarding building relationships with customers, maintaining relationships in business remotely, relationship marketing, customer service process and managing relationships in crisis. The materials are taking into account the previously examined needs of entrepreneurs in this area. The tool will be a self-reflection tool for the use of entrepreneurs, management teams, customer service leaders ect. The idea of conducting this pilot is to invite micro, small, medium enterprises and public institutions to test a tool, give the feedback and influence the final version of the tool.


Building a positive and long-term relationship with a client is in fact a never-ending process during which at least several basic conditions must be met. In fact, speaking about remote work there are some challenges to build the trust and connections with clients. The relations marketing we all knew at the beginning of 2020 has much less in common with what we do now. The situation we have been has forced brands to verify their marketing strategies and consider how they should communicate with customers. The aim of the pilot is to support micro, small, medium enterprises, and public institutions in improving their knowledge and position on the market by offering a tool for customer relationship building (theory, case study, quizzes, videos).