Roadmap for Digital Business Advantage

  • The roadmap method was created by Robert Kaplan and David Norton to help understand how to operate in different areas of an organization in order to achieve the desired goals. In other words, what needs to be considered and what needs to be done in order for the path to lead to the right destination. (Mountain. T. 2014. Strategy book 20 tools. Helsinki. Talentum. pages 81-85)
  • The roadmap is a suitable tool for many different cases and can be used to examine the current situation of the company in relation to the kind of future they are aiming for. Where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow or even a year from now.
  • The roadmap can be used, for example, to map the company's current situation and find new opportunities, as well as to figure out what kind of future we are looking for and what this future might look like.
  • The roadmap is also suitable for the development of new services.
  • Things can be viewed from many different perspectives.
  • The tool is easy to master.
  • Helps in the ideation of things.
  • The roadmap alone does not give all the concrete steps for realizing the desired future.
  • It can take several hours and the work can be divided over several sessions.
  • The duration depends on one's own needs, goals and on the group that prepares it.
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